Live From the Ancestral Health Symposium

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I have definitely been a negligent blogger this summer spending every possible moment enjoying my little ones before school starts up next month.  I’ve also officially begun taking nutrition classes so a lot of my blogging time is spent studying these days (and nights).  This weekend I’m taking some time for myself (OK it’s nutrition related…but that’s what I love) and I hope to be able to share it with you as I blog and tweet live from the Ancestral Health Symposium here in beautiful Cambridge, MA.

So here I am, part of a community of scientists, health professionals and celebrity bloggers all on the same real food mission.  It’s inspirational, motivating and at times comical.  Like this morning at the coffee shop when the barista said, “A lot of folks have been ordering their sandwiches without bread…is there a convention or something?”.  It’s not just a convention honey…it’s a movement and our motto is “Bacon is rad, gluten is bad.”

More to come…
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