Love Your Enemy

Does this look familiar?

I got the following comment on the blog today and I thought it would be an excellent spring board for a post:

“I must ask, how do you and your children deal with day to day tasks such as school, play dates, birthday parties, Halloween, etc.? I find myself struggling with lack of support and understanding from friends and family. They flat out think I’m a kook, to put it lightly. Do you and your children eat the food that is provided, bring your own, or bring a dish that no one else would dare touch?”

Please comment and add your ideas for dealing with these sticky situations!

We are very fortunate that the majority of our friends are on the same page (nutritionally speaking) and our school has a “no junk food” policy!  We are flexible on birthdays and special occasions and use these opportunities to teach the principle that certain food are a “treat” that we don’t have every day.  If I know that the kids are going to be in a “junk food” situation I really try to fortify them with good foods ahead of time.  My 3 y.o. already seems to recognize what is healthy and I’ve seen her make some good food choices, which makes me happy…because I can’t always be there.

After Halloween night I offered to trade the kids TV time (another special treat) for candy and they were all over it.  I’ve also heard of parents “buying” the candy and then the child can buy a toy, book etc.  And yes, I almost always travel with an “emergency kit” of healthy snacks!  The best part is when the other kids put down their Goldfish and ask to eat our berries!

Family is tricky!  I don’t want to isolate my kids from anyone and I don’t want them to feel left out.  I feel like I gain a little ground with each visit.  I’ve tried to explain some of the “science” behind our food decisions (hopefully without sounding too preachy)…especially in regard to sugar and immune function.  Also, I’ve told “the grandparents” that I want to give them the healthiest, happiest, smartest, most beautiful grandchildren possible and that I’d love to have their help achieving this.  During our last visit my 3 y.o. actually said “I think I need some real food first” when offered a doughnut!   This was a proud moment!  Even so,  I’m pretty sure they think I’m kooky too, but I’m OK with that.  If how most people eat is normal, than I don’t want to be normal.

Eat Well, Be Well,

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